Galler Chocolate

Galler is a chocolate brand from Belgium, and is manufactured in the town of Chaudfontaine. The chocolate manufacturer is a Belgian Royal Warrant Holder. Jean Galler makes every effort to ensure that his products reach you in perfect condition. I was able to catch the Galler chocolate bar “Chocolate Noir 70 Pure Cocoa”. The first… Read more Galler Chocolate

Dolfin Chocolate

Dolfin Chocolate is manufactured in the Belgian town of Wauthier-Braine, which has 9.500 inhabitants and can be found directly in the centre of Belgium. “Dolfin Chocolat NOIR 70% DE CACAO AUX EXLATS DE FEVES DE CACAO” has a cocoa content of 70 percent and is filled with roasted cocoa bean pieces. The chocolate is one… Read more Dolfin Chocolate

NewTree Chocolate

NewTree Chocolate comes from Belgium. The chocolate factory of “NewTree” is located in Belgians capital Brussels, in the street called “Boulevard du Souverain 207”. Chocolate was always a very important item in Belgium. The chocolate manufacture has a long history there. New Tree wants to keep this tradition, as it is a quite new company.… Read more NewTree Chocolate

Cupido Truffles Chocolates

Cupido Truffles Chocolates are manufactured in the Belgian town of Vrasene. Vrasene is a little town in the north of Belgium and has 4.000 inhabitants. This chocolate creation is mentioned as “milk chocolate flaked truffles. The cocoa content consits of 33 percent. My impression of Cupido Truffles Chocolates was a creamy taste of milk chocolate.… Read more Cupido Truffles Chocolates

Hamlet Chocolate

Hamlet Chocolate is sold in little chocolate pieces which have different characters. The place of manufacture is Belgium. “Assortiment”is the official name of this chocolate delicacy. Yes, the chocolates are a delicacy indeed. At first sight I was not sure. The wrapping is made quite simple and there are no detailed descriptions of the different chocolates… Read more Hamlet Chocolate

Zaabär Chocolate

Zaabär is a luxury chocolate brand from the Belgian capital of Brussels. The concept of the highly gifted Belgian chocolatier Francois Decarpentries is to create fancy chocolates with a cocoa content of 55 percent, and spice blends from around the world. Zaabär offers only dark chocolate in a little factory shop in Brussels city center.… Read more Zaabär Chocolate