Cadbury Chocolate

Cadbury is a traditional chocolate brand from England. The famous company from Old Albion was established in 1824 by a man called John Cadbury in Birmingham. First he was just doing business with tea and coffee, but later he decided to extend his range of goods with chocolate. This was the beginning of a fantastic… Read more Cadbury Chocolate

Thorntons Chocolate

Thorntons is a traditonal English chocolate manufacturer and exist since 1911. The chocolate was invented in the Central English city of Sheffield. Todays headquaters can be found in the 22.000 inhabitant town of Alfreton in Derbyshire. I have received the red chocolate bar as a gift from an England traveller. The certain bar is labeled… Read more Thorntons Chocolate

Thorntons Turkish Delight Bar

Thorntons Turkish Delight Bar is described as “indulgent milk chocolate finished with milk chocolate” with rose and lemon flavoured Turkish delight centre. Well, I have never heard about “Turkish delight” before. I thought it’s some kind of jelly. The product is made in Derbyshire/England. The milk chocolate contains 30% cocoa solids and 20% milk solids.… Read more Thorntons Turkish Delight Bar

Thorntons Whipped Fudge Bar

Thorntons Whipped Fudge Bar is a quite delicious chocolate creation from the English province of Derbyshire. I received this product from an England traveller.  Thorntons Whipped Fudge Bar is labeled as “the art of the chocolatier”. The candy consists of whipped fudge with ribbon of caramel in smooth milk and dark chocolate. The flavour of… Read more Thorntons Whipped Fudge Bar