Lys Kaempeplade

Lys Kaempeplade is a chocolate from the Central part of Denmark, manufactured in the village of Skødstrup. The chocolate bar is a milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 33 percent. The manufacturer of Lys Kaempeplade Chocolate is the Danish candy producer “Carletti”. I have experienced this chocolate product as a chocolate with a decent… Read more Lys Kaempeplade

Hvid Kaempeplade

Hvid Kaempeplade is a white chocolate bar from Denmark. The chocolate is manufactured in the Danish candy factory “Carletti”. A bar of white “Hvid Kaempeplade” chocolate has a weight of 200g and a content of cocoa of 30 percent. This chocolate is not like all the other white chocolates I have tasted. This white chocolate… Read more Hvid Kaempeplade

Carletti Chocolate Hasselnødder

The full name of the chocolate is “Carletti Økologisk Maelkechokolade Med Ristede Hasselnødder”. Manufacturer is the candy factory of Carletti in the Danish town called “Skødstrup”. The chocolate consists of 16% roasted hazelnuts, 84% milk chocolate, and has a cocoa content of 36 percent. Carletti Økologisk Maelkechokolade Med Ristede Hasselnødder has a fine and tender… Read more Carletti Chocolate Hasselnødder

Carletti Chocolate Dark

This dark chocolate bar from the Danish candy manufacturer Carletti, is another piece of high quality chocolate art from that Scandinavian country which is located directly next to the Northern border of Germany. A cocoa content of 70 percent enables a full and glorious taste of dark chocolate. I have finished this chocolate bar in… Read more Carletti Chocolate Dark