Bounty Chocolate

Bounty Chocolate is manufactured in the Dutch town of Veghel.¬†Veghel has 37.000 inhabitants, and is located in the south of the Netherlands. The idea of Bounty Chocolate came from the USA, but Bounty was not sold¬†there until 1995. Bounty Chocolate consists of a covering of tasty and crisp milk chocolate, and a luscious filling of… Read more Bounty Chocolate

Spongebob Chocolate Eggs

As I have a lack of Dutch chocolate in my collection, I thought I am going to take this box of Spongebob Chocolate Eggs from the Netherlands. The box has three colourful wrapped chocolate eggs included. The place of manufacture is located in the Dutch town of Roosendaal. This town can be found in the… Read more Spongebob Chocolate Eggs