Geisha Chocolate

Geisha is a chocolate from Finland, which is manufactured by the Fazer chocolate factory. Fazer was founded in 1891 by Karl Otto Fazer, a son of Swiss immigrants, in Helsinki. In that time Finland was part of the Russian empire, and not a free and independent nation. Since his childhood the son of a Swiss… Read more Geisha Chocolate

Fazer Chocolate

Fazer is a chocolate from Finland made from fresh milk. The bar consits of milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts. The “Karl Fazer” signature has been the sign if Fazer quality since 1891. Fazer Milk Chocolate is made from fresh milk and high quality cocoa beans. Fazer Milk Chocolate has a unique soft and rich taste.… Read more Fazer Chocolate

Panda Chocolate Hurmaava Tumma

Panda Chocolate Hurmaava Tumma is a dark chocolate bar from Finland. The chocolate is manufactured a little village called Vaajakoski. Unfortunately I could not find any information about this place in the web. I suppose “Hurmaava Tumma” means something like dark chocolate. The chocolate looks and tastes quite dark. The cocoa content consists of 49… Read more Panda Chocolate Hurmaava Tumma

Panda Cashew Chocolate

Now I have tried another chocolate from the Finnish candy factory of Oy Panda Ab, which is located in the town of Vaajakoski. This time it was a Panda Chocolate with cashew nuts. The chocolate consists of 30 percent cocoa. At first I have experienced a bit of a rough taste. After a while in… Read more Panda Cashew Chocolate

Panda Maitosuklaa

Panda Maitosuklaa is another Finnish chocolate of the Panda series. Maitosuklaa is a word in the Finnish language and simply means “milk chocolate” in English. Panda Maitosuklaa has a cocoa content of 30 percent. My first impression was a rough taste. The flavour is not too sweet for a milk chocolate. Also the creamy character turns… Read more Panda Maitosuklaa

Salmiakki Chocolate

Such a chocolate like “Fazer Salmiakki” from Finland, I have never tried before. Salmiakki Chocolate is filled with salmiac. This kind of thing is a rare mineral composed of ammonium chloride, NH4Cl. Quite unusual for a chocolate filling, and my first bite confirms my thoughts. This is a chocolate with a very strange filling. I… Read more Salmiakki Chocolate

Brunberg Chocolate

Brunberg is a chocolate from Finland, which is produced in the town of Porvoo. Porvoo has 48.000 inhabitants, and can be found in the south of Finland. The official name of the product is “Laktoositon Laktosfri Brunberg Tumma Mörk”. The chocolate bar has a weight of 150g. Brunberg was founded by a bakerman called “A.… Read more Brunberg Chocolate