Lornet Chocolat Noir Superieur

“Lornet Chocolat Noir Superieur” was the name of the chocolate I received recently from France. This chocolate bar is manufactured in the French town of Perpignan Cedex, Avenue Julien Panchot. As I was not able to find any information about this kind of chocolate bar, I doubt this is something like a premium brand. But… Read more Lornet Chocolat Noir Superieur

Ivoria Chocolate

Ivoria is a delicious chocolate creation from France. It’s manufactured in the French town of Morteau. Morteau is located in the west of French, directly on the Swiss border, and has 6.500 inhabitants. The official name of the chocolate bar is: Ivoria Inspirations Patissieres Facon Poire Belle Helene Chocolat Noir Fourre. There is dark chocolate… Read more Ivoria Chocolate

Real Chocolat

“Chocolat noir, eclat de caramel” is a fabulous chocolate creation from the French chocolate manufacturer and Biscuiterie et Chocolaterie “Real Chocolate”. The home of this chocolate can be found in the town of “Colayrac”, in the South Western part of the country. Unfortunately I have no informations about the history of this chocolate brand, and… Read more Real Chocolat

Excelsior Chocolate

“Excelsior Chocolate Degustation Chocolat au Lait Fleur de Sel” is manufactured in the French town of Perpignan. Perpignan has 110.000 inhabitants and can be found in the South Western part of France directly on the border to Spain. Fleur de Sel is salt from the sea. It’s included in the chocolate but the taste is… Read more Excelsior Chocolate