After Eight Thin Chocolate Mints

“After Eight” are thin plates of bitter chocolate, filled with peppermints cream. The sophisticated chocolate creations are manufactured by Nestle in the German city of Frankfurt/Main. The idea of “After Eight” was born 1962 in England. It was the English company “Rowntree’s” who created this kind of chocolate product. In 1988 Nestle bought Rowntree’s and… Read more After Eight Thin Chocolate Mints

Schogetten Trumpf Chocolate

Schogetten is a chocolate brand, manufactured by the chocolate manufacturer Trumpf, which is located in the Western German city of Bergisch-Gladbach. Trumpf Chocolate was founded in 1857 in Aachen. The chocolate factory is connected with following chocolate manufacturer: Lindt & Sprüngli, Mauxion, and Krüger chocolate group. The company started to place its advertise on arrowplanes… Read more Schogetten Trumpf Chocolate

Björnsted Ecuador Chocolate

Björnsted Ecuador Chocolate consists of 70 percent cocoa, and is manufactured in the German town of Herford, which is located in the Western part of Germany. The product is made in the chocolate factory of “Eco Finia”. Björnsted is a new chocolate brand and available since just one or two years. The special thing about the chocolate is… Read more Björnsted Ecuador Chocolate

Gross Chocolate

Gross Chocolate is manufactured in the German town of Peine, which is located close to the bigger cities Braunschweig and Hannover. The item is a premium chocolate made of original trinitario from the best places of the plantations of the province Tocache in the Amazonas jungle. This place has the perfect conditions for the ingredients of the… Read more Gross Chocolate

Heilemann Confiserie Chocolate

Heilemann Confiserie Chocolate is manufactured in the south of Germany, close to the borders of Switzerland and Austria. The home of the chocolate is a little village called Woringen. Woringen has about 1.800 inhabitants. Heilemann Confiserie Chocolate exists since more than 50 years. All chocolate bars are made by the hands of the chocolate master.… Read more Heilemann Confiserie Chocolate