Reber Chocolate

Reber is a chocolate manufacturer from Germany, located directly on the border to Austria. The company is Germanies market leader in Mozart chocolates. The factory of Reber produces 500.000 Mozart chocolates in one single day. Reber exists since more than 140 years and is still in family property. I bought the Reber “hochfeine Confiserie Praline Pasteten” and… Read more Reber Chocolate

Karina Chocolate

Karina is a chocolate which is manufactured in Cologne, a city in the Western part of Germany. Karina is a dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 72 percent called “Chocolat Noir Bitterschokolade”. Very dark, very pure and very good. Those three attributes came spotaneous on my mind after my first bite. This kind of… Read more Karina Chocolate

Merci Chocolate

Merci Chocolate is manufactured by the German candy producer Storck in Germans capital of Berlin. Storck was founded in 1903. The chocolate factory survived two world wars, and invented its popular Merci chocolates in 1965. Merci chocolates are little chocolate sticks, with different fillings, made of milk chocolate. You can find chocolate sticks with following flavours:… Read more Merci Chocolate

Sea Salt Chocolate

Heilemann Confiserie Chocolate “Sea Salt” was one more unique chocolate experience in my life. Chocolate with salt. Is that acceptable? Well, at first it’s something new. I have never seen or tasted salted chocolate before. Many people are bored about usual chocolate creations, and they are searching for something new. Sea Salt Chocolate could be… Read more Sea Salt Chocolate

Toffifee Chocolate

Toffifee is a candy product from the German company of Storck, and exists since 1973. The product consists of caramel, nougat, chocolate and a hazelnut.  Toffifee is known as a very delicious chocolate, and delights with a smooth and round taste. The first layer is a strong covering of sweet caramel. Caramel is also the… Read more Toffifee Chocolate

Peters Chocolate

Peters Chocolates are manufactured in a simple coffee house, in the German town of Lippstadt. Lippstadt is located in Western Germany, close to Dortmund city. The coffee house called “Cafe Peters”, which also serves as a little chocolate factory, was founded in 1936. Soon the special place of sweet dreams became the most popular cake… Read more Peters Chocolate

Klett Chocolate

Klett Chocolate “Choko Winter” is a milk chocolate from the German town Nehren with a cocoa content of 30 percent, and has a filling of little crunchy Speculaas biscuit pieces. The Klett chocolate factory already exists since more than 50 years. At first the founder Walter Klett was specialized on chocolate hollow characters. This is… Read more Klett Chocolate

Weibler Confiserie Chocolate

Weibler Chocolate is located in Cremlingen. A town of 13.000 inhabitants, in the centre of Germany, close to the city of Braunschweig. The chocolate confiserie and factory was founded in 1988 by the passionate chocolatier Peter Waibler in Braunschweig. Before he was a teacher in the school for confectioners in the town of Wolfenbüttel. Two… Read more Weibler Confiserie Chocolate