Milka Chocolate Kuhflecken

The Milka chocolate bar “Kuhflecken” or also known as “Happy Cow” is made of a mix of Milka Alpine milk chocolate and Milka white chocolate. MILKA Kuhflecken – Cow Spots – Milka chocolate with funny cow spots made of white chocolate and melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate. 100% alpine milk. Alpine milk chocolate (85%) with white chocolate… Read more Milka Chocolate Kuhflecken

Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate

300g chocolate bar Alpine Milk of Milka. Specifications 100% alpine milk chocolate Set of 2 Sold individually in store Contains milk, tree nuts and soy; may contain wheat Available in additional flavors, sold separately Made in Germany 3.52 oz. each Why We Love It Crafted in Germany with milk sourced from the Swiss Alps, this… Read more Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate

Milka Chocolate Hazelnut

The Milka chocolate bar with hazelnuts pieces. Milka’s chocolate bar with hazelnuts is an aromatic, nutritious, and luscious authentic German indulgence with a wonderful combination of sweet, pleasantly chocolatey, and delicately nutty flavors. Loaded with bits of crunchy hazelnuts, – this full-flavored treat is meticulously coated in creamy, velvety, and decadent alpine milk chocolate. Germany… Read more Milka Chocolate Hazelnut

Milka Triolade Chocolate

300g of Milka Chocolate in three layers (Alpine Milk, White, and Soft Bitter Chocolate). Milka Triolade gives you three delicious layers of pleasure. This delectable chocolate bar combines milk, dark and white chocolate in one delicious sweet treat. Take a bite and explore the different flavors. Alpine milk chocolate (33%), white chocolate (42%) and dark Alpine milk chocolate (25%). Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass,… Read more Milka Triolade Chocolate