Chocolate Santander

switzerlandThis chocolate bar comes directly from Columbia. Chocolate Santander Colombian Single Origin. Semi Dark Chocolate. Nacional de Chocolates. Establishes in 1920.

The manufacturer describes its chocolcates on his website as “unforgetable flavours which are specially created for the world’s most refined palates. By selecting the best cacao beans one by one, from a special harvest, Chocolate Santander Colombian Single Origin produces a collection of chocolates of exceptional quality and memorable taste.

Very strong words. I have experienced that the milk content of the chocolate seems to be quite low. The first taste was bitter and very sweet. A content of 53 percent of cocoa, makes this chocolate to a semi dark one.

I would say Chocolate Santander is a bit too meager, dry and sterile. It’s like a coffee with a lot of sugar and absolutely no milk. The taste of sugar is very strong. Maybe it seems there is too much sugar in the chocolate.

It is possible that the taste of Chocolate Santander is just typical for Colombian chocolate. It was interesting to experience such a taste one time, but I am not really excited about it I wonder about the taste of other Santander chocolate bars with a higher percentage of cocoa content. Their flavour must be even stronger. Amazing.

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