Cupido Truffles Chocolates

blegiumCupido Truffles Chocolates are manufactured in the Belgian town of Vrasene.

Vrasene is a little town in the north of Belgium and has 4.000 inhabitants.

This chocolate creation is mentioned as “milk chocolate flaked truffles. The cocoa content consits of 33 percent.

cupido chocolates truffles

My impression of Cupido Truffles Chocolates was a creamy taste of milk chocolate. I would call my sentiments as not too bad. I was more interested as delighted because Cupido offered rather a new chocolate experience to me.

If I have to find a negative point of Cupido, I would say that it’s just too fat in the taste.

cupido chocolates truffles

So what how should be my final judgment. The chocolates are new and have a unique taste, but I would not buy them a second time. The flavour experience was not so exciting, that I am tempted to try it again.

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