Ebner/Hanauer Chocolate

austriaThis kind of chocolate was a rather interesting one.

It was wrapped as “Ebner Chocolate”, and unwrapped it turned out to be a chocolate from the Viennese confectioner Klaus Hanauer.

Ebner is confectionery and pastry shop from the Styrian town of Pöllau. They sell and wrap it as home-made chocolate, but the naked chocolate does not lie. You can read the engraved logo of Hanauer on the chocolate bar.

ebner hanauer chocolate

The chocolate has a coating of sweet milk chocolate and a filling of a honey milk chocolate cream. The content of cocoa amounts 45 percent.

ebner hanauer chocolate

I have experienced a very sweet chocolate. The filling is sweet too. Sweet and sweet results in too sweet. I would not rate the Ebner/Hanauer chocolate as a bad chocolate, but for sure this kind of chocolate wouln’t make me addicted.

ebner hanauer chocolate

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