Fazer Chocolate

fazer chocolateFazer is a chocolate from Finland made from fresh milk.

The bar consits of milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts.

The “Karl Fazer” signature has been the sign if Fazer quality since 1891. Fazer Milk Chocolate is made from fresh milk and high quality cocoa beans. Fazer Milk Chocolate has a unique soft and rich taste.

fazer chocolate

Fazer was founded in 1891 by Karl Otto Fazer, a son of Swiss immigrants, in Helsinki. In that time Finland was part of the Russian empire, and not a free and independent nation. Since his childhood the son of a Swiss furrier was interested in chocolates and coffee. He always wanted to learn how to make good chocolate.

fazer chocolate

So Karl Otto Fazer learned how to make chocolates in Paris, Berlin and Saint Petersburg. When he was 25 years old, he returned home to Finland and opened his first coffee house. But his true love was the manufacture of chocolate. Three years later he opened his chocolate factory which exists until today.

fazer chocolate

The Fazer Chocolate has a creamy delicious taste of milk chocolate. Fazer is not that sweet as, for instance, Milka Chocolate. Fazer is really a great chocolate product. Especially the creamy flavour makes this chocolate to a wonderful enjoyment.

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