Geisha Chocolate

finlandGeisha is a chocolate from Finland, which is manufactured by the Fazer chocolate factory.

Fazer was founded in 1891 by Karl Otto Fazer, a son of Swiss immigrants, in Helsinki. In that time Finland was part of the Russian empire, and not a free and independent nation. Since his childhood the son of a Swiss furrier was interested in chocolates and coffee. He always wanted to learn how to make good chocolate.

geisha chocolate schokolade

So Karl Otto Fazer learned how to make chocolates in Paris, Berlin and Saint Petersburg. When he was 25 years old, he returned home to Finland and opened his first coffee house. But his true love was the manufacture of chocolate. Three years later he opened his chocolate factory which exists until today.

geisha chocolate schokolade

Geisha is made of tender milk chocolate and filled with a soft and crispy hazelnut cream. The chocolate tastes quite alright. I think it’s a bit too sweet, could be more cacao included, and there is too much milk inside.  Not a product which throws me out of my shoes, but a sweet and nice enjoyment for in between.

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