Guylian Chocolate Sea Shells

guylian chocolateGuylian chocolate sea shells are known as the worlds favourite Belgian chocolates.

The success story of the Guylian Chocolate Sea Shells started in 1960. A Belgian couple was making chocolates in the kitchen, and sold their sweet products to local chocolate shops. After a while the business went better and better, and the couple was able to open their own chocolate shop.

guylian chocolate

In 1988 the success was so huge that the little company was able to build a real chocolate factory. Making chocolates in a little kitchen was history.

The chocolate makers are living close to the sea. This was the reason why they have started to create chocolates in form of sea shells. The chocolate sea shells consist of milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 34 percent,  and white chocolate with a cocoa content of 25 percent.

guylian chocolate sea shells

The first experience was a full taste of the finest nut nougat cream filling. This filling is covered by an excellent chocolate mix with milk and white chocolate.

guylian chocolate sea shell

Guylian Chocolate is the pure enjoyment. The world wide success is no surprise to me.

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