Hanuta Chocolate

italyHanuta is made by the Italian candy manufacturer Ferrero SpA in Alba (Piedmont) for the German market.

Hanuta is the short form of the three German words “HAsel NUss Tafel” (Hazel Nut Bar).

Hanuta is one of Germanies most popular sweet snacks. The tasteful product came on the market in 1959.

hanuta chocolate

The taste of Hanuta is a true seduce. Hanuta consits of two crispy waffles on the top and the bottom. The filling is a creamy chocolate creation which is garnished with little pieces of hazelnuts.

hanuta chocolate

It’s not a surprise to me that this kind of simple treat has such enormous success for such a long time. Hanuta is the perfect quick snack to calm down a hungry stomach, and a culinaric blessing for the senses on a high level for a reasonable price.

The chocolate filling of Hanuta has a creamy character and a fine flavour of coffee.

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