Heilemann Confiserie Chocolate

germanyHeilemann Confiserie Chocolate is manufactured in the south of Germany, close to the borders of Switzerland and Austria. The home of the chocolate is a little village called Woringen. Woringen has about 1.800 inhabitants.

Heilemann Confiserie Chocolate exists since more than 50 years. All chocolate bars are made by the hands of the chocolate master.

heilemann chocolate

There is a special method in the manufacture to create a very easy and gentle melting chocolate. The type of Heilemann chocolate I was allowed to try was the “Noble Milk Chocolate” (Edelvollmilch Chocolade).

heilemann chocolate

The chocolate bar has a tender character and tastes not too sweet. The cocoa content amounts 26 percent, which is quite okay for a milk chocolate. I have experience a quite a good flavour. If you like not too sweet milk chocolates, this might be one for you.

heilemann chocolate

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