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Founded: 2006
Headquarters: Seattle, WA
Style: New School to Mainstream
Characteristics: generally strength over finesse
Ferment: high
Roast: dark
Conche: uneven
Impact: OCD (about Organic / Fair-Trade) & Bi-polar (straddling chocolate / confectionary lines) – welcome to the modern marketing psyche. Many of its single-origin bars at one time used beet sugar, & most of them without the lipstick & make-up of fine chocolate – lecithin & vanilla. These natural beauties are nonetheless probably the most sexed up, drop-dead gorgeous-looking bars on the planet, of unbelievably high-temper. In the world of American branding where image is money, Theo delivers on performance as well.

Crown Jewels:

Vanilla Milk Choc

by Theo
8.96 rating

Ivory Coast

by Theo
8.71 rating

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