Ivoria Chocolate

ivoria chocolateIvoria is a delicious chocolate creation from France. It’s manufactured in the French town of Morteau. Morteau is located in the west of French, directly on the Swiss border, and has 6.500 inhabitants.

The official name of the chocolate bar is: Ivoria Inspirations Patissieres Facon Poire Belle Helene Chocolat Noir Fourre.

ivoria chocolate

There is dark chocolate with a 57% content of cocoa as coating. The filling consists of Poire belle Hélène cream (pears).

ivoria chocolate

The combination is something very new to me. I never had a pear chocolate in my life before. This makes it to a very special chocolate creation to me. But not only that. Also the taste is more than okay, and the tasting was a true enjoyment.

ivoria chocolate

I bought this chocolate in the IKI supermarket of Vilnius (Lithuania).

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