Kalev Chocolate

estoniaThe Estonian chocolate manufacturer Kalev was founded in 1806 in the old town of Estonians capital Tallinn by the Swiss confectioner Lorenz Caviezel.

In 1864 the chocolate manufacture was bought by the 25-year-old German Georg Johann Stude. He was the man who made the company to a success. His chocolate creations made him to a legend in Estonia, and the company became the biggest chocolate producer in 1921. The chocolate was also exported to foreign countries like Great Britain, France, USA and even to North Africa, India and China.

kalev chocolate schokolade

In 1948 the company was socialized by the Communist occupiers from Russia. The Soviets also changed the name from Kawe to Kalev. Kalev was the name of a mythologic king of Estonia. Even communism could not stop the success story of the chocolate. Kalev was very popular in the whole Soviet Union and known for its high quality chocolate.

After the end of communism in Estonia, the chocolate factory became private again in 1995. Today Kalev is Estonias biggest candy manufacturer again and in Estonian possession.

kalev chocolate schokolade

I had the luck to receive a product from Kalev. It was the chocolate bar called “Tume Sokolaad Kirsitükkidega”. It’s dark chocolate filled with dried pieces of cherry and apples. The dark chocolate is very tasteful and not too bitter (47% cacao content).  The filling of cherries and apples is something quite unique to me and fits quite well. Kalev Chocolate is a very delicious chocolate creation which delighted my senses to its highest pleasure.

kalev chocolate schokolade

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