Kalev White Chocolate with blueberry

Finally after more than 6 months since my holiday in the Baltics I have found some time to try and taste the Kalev White Chocolate bar with blueberry and crispy rice. The result was just tremendous. This white chocolate is a fabulous creation and I have no idea which kind of thing could be improved in that product. It’s just perfect.

The chocolate full of taste and very creamy. The crispy rice and the refreshing blueberries guarantee the right spice and the whole crowning of the delicious chocolate tasting event. I am very delighted and the bar was finished by my own in a very short time. If I get the chance to get another bar of Kalev White with blueberry I surely won’t doubt and take one.

kalev white blueberry

Estonians know how to make delicious chocolate. Congratulations!!!

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