Kinder Surprise Egg Chocolate Überraschung

italyThe Italian creation of “Kinder Surprise Egg Chocolates” were invented in 1972, and flooded the Central European market in 1974.

The sweet delicacy is made for children and delights by creamy and smooth milk chocolate with a little surprise toy inside. Kinder Surprise Egg Chocolates are banned in the USA, and meanwhile also controversial in Germany. Children could swallow little plastic parts of the toy surprise.

Kinder Surprise Egg chocolate is very sweet and has a cocoa content of 15 percent. One chocolate egg has a weight of 20 gram without the surprise toy.

I have bought a box with three of such eggs. Usually they are sold seperate.

The uncovered delicacy. Althought I am not a child anymore, the wonderful flavour of the chocolate still remained after all those years on my tongue.

A look inside the chocolate egg: the traditional yellow plastic egg reveals. The technology how to open this plastic egg changed several years ago. The chocolate egg has a white colour inside. The secret why it tastes so smooth and creamy.

At the end: everything together. The opened plastic and chocolate eggs with the surprise toy. A car with a bizarre comic character as driver. Very inventive

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