Leaf Royal Chocolate

leaf royal chocolateLeaf Royal Samettinen Maitosuklaa is a small chocolate bar of just 42 gram from the Finish town of Turku. “Leaf” is the name of the chocolate factory. Unfortunately I was not able to find more informations about this company. All I have found was in Finnish language. But I do not understand this language.

Leaf Royal Chocolate consists of 35 percent cocoa. The chocolate is not too sweet and not too bitter. Well balanced I would say. Remarkable only the unique taste. The taste is different in comparison with Central European milk chocolate bars.

leaf royal chocolate

I don’t know what it is. Maybe the milk is not from cows? Or they have different cows? Or maybe the milk of the chocolate is from elks? Who knows? Everything is possible!

leaf royal chocolate

I would desribe the chocolate enjoyment as thin milky and creamy. I hope this sounds not too stupid. I want to say that there is no full taste of milk chocolate. I was not able to experience a full aroma. The aroma was meager and thin, but that does not mean this chocolate is bad. No way. It’s just … different.

leaf royal chocolate

Like I said before  Leaf Royal Chocolate is well-balanced. There is a creamy flavour, which is not too insistent. I would describe this product as an understated chocolate. Nice to eat, not disgusting, but of course also nothing very special. Acceptable chocolate from Finland.

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