Manner Mozartwurfel Chocolate Cubes

austriaManner Mozartwürfel Chocolate Cubes are manufactured by one of Austrias most traditional chocolate manufacturers.

The chocolate factory is located in the centre of Vienna, and known as “Manner”. Manner was the surname of Josef Manner. A highly gifted chocolate maker with a certain vision. His dream was to offer chocolate delicacies for everyone. At the beginning of the 20th century, chocolates were a luxury item. It was impossible for an average worker to buy chocolates. It was too expensive. Josef Manner, the founder of the chocolate factory, wanted to change that. Chocolate should be affordable for everyone. This was his vision.

mozartwurfel chocolate cubes

Mozartwürfel are on of many delicious chocolate items from Manner. Those chocolates are coated in dark chocolate. The filling consists of marzipan and nougat. The form of the delicacy is a cube.

manner mozartwurfel chocolate cubes

The dark chocolate is very tasty. A clear enjoyment with full flavour. Also the filling has a brillant character: fresh and fruity. Yes, Mozartwurfel Chocolate Cubes are really something nice to increase its mood. Especially if you are a fan of dark chocolate, nougat and marzipan, Mozartwurfel could be something for you.

manner mozartwurfel chocolate cubes

A look inside the Manner Mozartwurfel: wonderful nougat and brillant marzipan coated with exquisite dark chocolate. A true enjoyment the Viennese way.

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