Merci Chocolate

merci chocolateMerci Chocolate is manufactured by the German candy producer Storck in Germans capital of Berlin.

Storck was founded in 1903. The chocolate factory survived two world wars, and invented its popular Merci chocolates in 1965.

merci chocolate

Merci chocolates are little chocolate sticks, with different fillings, made of milk chocolate. You can find chocolate sticks with following flavours: finest cream, almonds and nuts, nougat and milk cream. In bigger boxes are even much more different kinds of Merci chocolates. Like marzipan or dark chocolate.

Merci Chocolate is a popular gift for special moments, like birthdays, mother’s days, or just to say “thank you” for something.

merci chocolate

The chocolate is something special indeed. You can taste the finest flavour of milk chocolate in combination with one of those certain flavours.

I chose the hazelnuts and almonds chocolate stick first. The chocolate was a true pleasure. The cocoa content of chocolate has a percentage of 32. The little almond and hazelnut pieces in the chocolate are crunchy and digestible.

merci chocolate

Merci is a fantastic chocolate, and sold in more than 70 countries worldwide. The success is no surprise to me. The chocolate is a masterpiece of chocolate making.

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