Milka Chocolate Hazelnut

The Milka chocolate bar with hazelnuts pieces.

Milka’s chocolate bar with hazelnuts is an aromatic, nutritious, and luscious authentic German indulgence with a wonderful combination of sweet, pleasantly chocolatey, and delicately nutty flavors. Loaded with bits of crunchy hazelnuts, – this full-flavored treat is meticulously coated in creamy, velvety, and decadent alpine milk chocolate.

Germany is responsible for producing one of the premium quality chocolate delights, alongside its competitive neighbors! Considering that some of our favorite chocolate brands like Milka, Ritter Sport, and the impeccable Mozart chocolate originate from Germany, it’s easy to tell that German chocolate has a centuries-old tradition behind it. It was in 1874 when the first chocolate bar was made, and soon enough, this aromatic delight took the country by storm. Ever since, German chocolate has been loved worldwide for unmatched flavors and quality, and you can discover all flavors of it in our carefully curated collection!

First introduced 120 years ago, Milka has become synonymous with a moreish aroma of the finest chocolate worldwide. By blessing generations with unmatched quality and impeccable flavors, Milka chocolate is sold in over 40 countries! Whether it’s a delicious chocolate bar, festive figure, or a quick snack, each product from the brand is made with great passion, care, and high-quality ingredients – that explains how more than 150 000 Milka delights are sold every hour! You can discover all the flavors of Milka chocolate in our online German grocery store!

Milka’s chocolate bars (22-pack) with hazelnuts are some of the most indulgent and delectable gift options for your family, friends, and loved ones. Moreover, these delicious German treats go exceptionally well with a morning cup of your favorite coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

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