Milka Milketten Chocolate

milka milketten chocolate austriaMilka Milketten are manufactured in the Austrian chocolate manufactury of Bludenz, which is located directly next to the Swiss border in the Western part of Austria.

Milketten are one of Milkas traditional products. They exist since quite a while. At least a couple of decades.

milka milketten chocolate

Milketten consist of the finest Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate and a tender strawberry cream filling. Milka Milketten are also quite popular in Italy.

milka milketten chocolate

The traditional chocolate product of Milka is best to enjoy if you let it melt on your tongue. After a while you are going to taste the tender strawberry cream inside the chocolate pieces. A wonderful feeling comes over you and it’s hard to stop eating …

 milka milketten chocolate

… unwrapped and ready to enjoy ….

milka milketten chocolate

… hmmm … sweet, wonderful, tender and delicious!


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