Mirabell Mozart Chocolate

austriaMirabell Mozart Chocolates are manufactured in the 7.000 inhabitant town of Grödig in the federal state of Salzburg.

There are many different chocolate manufacturers in Austria and Germany who produce Mozart Chocolates, but only the ones from Mirabell are allowed to be called the genuine ones (Die Echten).

mozartkugeln mirabell

Mozartkugeln from Mirabell are also the most famous, most popular, and most sold ones in Austria.

mirabell mozartkugeln chocolates mozart

Their character is strong and sweet. The covering consists of the finest dark chocolate. The filling is a cream of nougat and a marzipan mass. Especially the marzipan, which is the core of the chocolate creation, has a very strong and important taste.

mirabell mozartkugeln

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