M&M’s Chocolate

M&M's chocolateLittle chocolate pieces coated with sugar glaze was an invention during the Spanish civil war in the 30’s of the last century. Soldiers were able to enjoy chocolates without the danger of melting. An American traveller in Spain during the war, found this special kind of chocolates by accident, and brought the idea to the USA.

1941 was the time when the M&M’s conquered the American candy market. The chocolates were manufactured by the Mars company. The two ‘m’ mean Mars & Murrie’s. Mars was the manufacturer, and Murry his business partner.

m&m's chocolate

The layer of the sugar glaze is quite strong and crispy. The chocolate box is full of colourful chocolate pieces.

m&m's chocolate

The chocolate inside the coating is nothing special. Not disgusting and not exciting. Medium milk chocolate I would say.

M&M's chocolate

Eating 200g of those chocolates is quite much. I just did that and know I feel sick.Comments Off on M&M’s Chocolate

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