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belgiumNewTree Chocolate comes from Belgium. The chocolate factory of “NewTree” is located in Belgians capital Brussels, in the street called “Boulevard du Souverain 207”.

Chocolate was always a very important item in Belgium. The chocolate manufacture has a long history there. New Tree wants to keep this tradition, as it is a quite new company. The company was founded in 2001.

newtree chocolate

The meaning of the companies name is the information on the natural ingredients for the chocolates. Natural plants and ingredients are used for New Tree chocolate bars.

At NewTree, Research and Development is of primary importance: an in-house team of expert chocolate makers, nutritionists and biochemists are constantly at work, creating delicious, new original chocolate recipes using healthful, beneficial ingredients.

newtree chocolate

NewTree chocolates have a natural source of vitamins and minerals. All ingredients are entirely natural. NewTree products contain no preservatives, colorants or genetically modified organisms.

newtree chocolate

All NewTree chocolates have a high cocoa content ensuring an intense tasting experience (73% cocoa in black chocolates, and 33% cocoa in milk chocolates).

The NewTree chocolate I was allowed to taste was the “CHOCOLAT NOIR VIVACITY CAFE”. A chocolate with a very bitter character. My impression was I might be eating a cooking chocolate. The cacao content amounts 73%, so I was not surprised. The bitterness of the chocolate was already on the border of tasting good. For me it was already a bit too bitter.

newtree chocolate

The positive nature of the NewTree Chocolate Noir Vivacity Cafe was the strong taste of coffee. I really liked that. Without that, the chocolate would just taste only bitter and very poor. So this excellent taste of coffee saved the chocolate bar and made it to a quite good product.

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