Olympia Chocolate

olympia chocolate hungaryOlympia is a chocolate from Hungary.

Manufacturer is the company in Budapest called: “Choko Service BT” (Ihasz u. 28, 1105 Budapest, Hungary).

On the wrapping I can read the chocolate bar is a milk chocolate with raisins and hazelnut.

olympia chocolate

The first experience is a very sweet taste. The second thing I recognize is quite a cheap taste. This product is surely no high quality premium chocolate. Where is the content of cacao? I could not taste it, and I also could not find an information about the content of cacao on the wrapping. This is extremely poor!

olympia chocolate

After a short time the chocolate becomes a fat taste, and at the end of my very first little piece of Olympia Chocolate I even feel disgusted. There are raisins and hazelnuts in the chocolate? I was not able to find, or to taste those kinds of ingredients. Summary: a very disappointing chocolate product. The worst chocolate I have tried on this website up to now. If all chocolates from Hungary taste like that, I am very sorry for the Hungarian chocolate lovers.

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