Panda Cashew Chocolate

finlandNow I have tried another chocolate from the Finnish candy factory of Oy Panda Ab, which is located in the town of Vaajakoski.

This time it was a Panda Chocolate with cashew nuts.

The chocolate consists of 30 percent cocoa. At first I have experienced a bit of a rough taste. After a while in the mouth the chocolates becomes more smoothly.

panda chocolate

I don’t know what’s so special about those cashew nuts.  I was not able to experience a certain taste. There was only a very slight taste of those nuts. I could not say it’s a good taste. It has a very slight character, which is almost not noticeable.

panda chocolate cashew

I would say Panda Cashew Chocolate is quite good to eat. I wouldn’t take it for the enjoyment. Just if you are in the mood for chocolate, take it. Not more.

panda chocolate

panda chocolate

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