Panda Chocolate Hurmaava Tumma

chocolatePanda Chocolate Hurmaava Tumma is a dark chocolate bar from Finland.

The chocolate is manufactured a little village called Vaajakoski. Unfortunately I could not find any information about this place in the web.

panda chocolate

I suppose “Hurmaava Tumma” means something like dark chocolate. The chocolate looks and tastes quite dark. The cocoa content consists of 49 percent, which surprises me because it tastes like more.

panda chocolate

I would classify Panda Chocolate Hurmaava Tumma as a good and delicious treat of dark chocolate.

The thin plate of the chocolate is a good idea. Panda has a full character and a filling taste. A thick chocolate bar just would be too much.

panda chocolate

I suppose this product could be something for a lover of dark chocolate. If you prefer milk chocolate you wouldn’t be that excited, but still even for a dark chocolate my experience was not that bad. Althought I wouldn’t become addicted.

panda chocolate

Negative point: a bit too close to basely cooking chocolate.

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