Panda Mint Chocolate “Minttu Suklaa”

panda mint chocolatePanda Omintakeinen Makeinen Minttu is a chocolate from Finland. It’s a dark chocolate bar with a mint flavoured filling.

The mint filling consists of a liquid mint cream.

I must say that this chocolate is really excellent. Finns know how to make delicious chocolate bars. This is my personal realizing after my chocolate tasting.

panda mint chocolate minttu

Panda Mint Chocolate has a brilliant dark chocolate, and a filling of the finest liquid mint cream.

panda mint chocolate minttu

The only thing which I did not liked, was that fact that I was not able to find the cocoa content of the chocolate on the wrapping. I don’t know the reason for that. The chocolate is brilliant. I don’t understand why the manufacturer is hiding the cocoa content of the chocolate on the wrapping.

panda mint chocolate minttu

But anyway. I have finnished the whole bar in the record time. Panda Minttu is really fabulous.

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