Panuli Chocolate Mocca Beans

austriaPanuli Chocolate Mocca Beans are manufactured by HARIBO in Austrias third biggest city Linz.

The company “Panuli” was founded in 1921 in Linz by the confectioner Josef Franz Panuschka (PANUschka LInz = PANULI).  Panuli manufactured fruit bread, waffles and gingerbread.


In 1929 the company moved to a bigger factory and started to produce also chocolates and candies. This was probably also the birth of the Panuli Chocolate Mocca Beans.

panuli chocolate mocca beans

Panuli was sold to the German candy manufacturer HARIBO between 1988 and 1990.

panuli chocolate mocca beans

Panuli Chocolate Mocca Beans are coated with dark chocolate (48%) and filled with a very sweet mass which has the taste of coffee. The first little pieces taste quite good, but a consumption of some more developes a too annoying sweet taste of the filling.

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