Pardos Crisp Chocolate

austriaThe manufacturer of those little Pardos crisp chocolate balls is not an unknown one. It’s the chocolate factory “Salzburg Schokolade” from the south of Salzburgs province, in the little town Grödig.

Salzburg Schokolade is also the manufacturer of the famous Mirabell Mozartkugeln. This promise a good quality.  The product is a paper box of 140g finest little chocolate balls.

The core of the Pardos chocolate ball is a mass of rice and wheat cisp. The covering consists of a mix of white and milk chocolate.

pardos crisp chocolate

Pardos Crisp Chocolate is a funny sweet snack. The chocolate enjoyment is not seeping, as the covering has only a thin layer. The core has more weight. But the good and attractive taste is not affected by such economical use of chocolate in the composition.

pardos crisp chocolate

The chocolate covering is melting smoothly on the tongue. The core crunches crispy under the teeth. It’s similar to Maltesers, only with better and more chocolate. I am very excited about Pardos Crisp Chocolate. A great Alpine chocolate product from Austria.

pardos crisp chocolate

A look into Pardos chocolate box. Many little candy balls covered with the finest milk and white chocolate.

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