Real Chocolat

ivoria chocolate“Chocolat noir, eclat de caramel” is a fabulous chocolate creation from the French chocolate manufacturer and Biscuiterie et Chocolaterie “Real Chocolate”.

The home of this chocolate can be found in the town of “Colayrac”, in the South Western part of the country.

Unfortunately I have no informations about the history of this chocolate brand, and other interesting facts. All letterings on the chocolate wrapping are in French language, and even on their website I could not find a single English word. I suppose that’s the French pride not to use the English language.

However that may be, the chocolate product itseld does not need any letterings. Only the good taste counts, and a good taste is noticable indeed.

At first I have experienced a very dark, fine, and noble flavour. The chocolate has a cocoa content of 61,2 percent. Just perfect!

The chocolate is strewed with a lot of soft caramel pieces, as you can see in the photos. But the flavour is quite neutral and I was not able to taste a certain caramel flavour. Maybe this is the only negative point. The caramel ingredient has no big influene on the chocolate taste.

All things considered “Real Chocolat” is truely a fancy chocolate manufacturer with great dark chocolate. I am very glad that I was able to taste one of their products, and participate a little bit in the charming life of the sweet French chocolate world.

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