Ritter Sport Chocolate “Alpine Milk”

Ritter Sport is a chocolate from Germany. The choclate factory was founded in Stuttgart, a city in the South Western part of Germany, two years before the first world war in 1912.

The name of the chocolate consits of “Ritter”, which is the second name of the founder (Alfred Ritter), and “Sport”, which should keep in mind that this practical quadratic chocolate bar fits in every sports jacket.

The first Ritter Sport chocolate bar in its quadratic format of today was sold in 1932. It was the idea of Clara Ritter, the wife of the founder, and it turned to a real success story since today. The quadrat chocolate bar became to an unmistakable tradmark of Ritter Sport during the decades.

ritter sport chocolate alpenmilch alpine milk

I tried the “Ritter Sport Alpenmilch”, the Alpine Milk Chocolate of Ritter Sport. The first impression of Ritter Sport Alpine Milk is its milky and creamy flavour. The chocolate is not too sweet, not too bitter, but very tasteful. No wonder this kind of chocolate is a world wide success.

ritter sport schokolade chocolate alpenmilch alpine milk

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