Rosenauer Viennese Imperial Chocolate

austriaThe “Viennese Imperial Chocolate” is made by the Viennese chocolate manufacturer “Rosenauer’s Wiener Schokolade”.

Only the best ingredients are used. High quality is very important for the blessed chocolate artist from Vienna. All chocolate bars are made by hand.

viennese imperial chocolate

The Viennese Imperial Chocolate was made in the homage of Austrias and especially Viennas Imperial past. The chocolate has a chocolate coating of the best noble plain chocolate with a cocoa content of 60%. Viennese Imperial Chocolate is filled with raisins, walnuts, candied orange peels, and hazelnuts.

viennese imperial chocolate

The flavour of this chocolate is real pleasure. The chocolate coating is flavour experience at its best. The filling creates a nutty and fruity excitement on the lucky tongue. Viennese Imperial Chocolate has a true Imperial taste. The composition of the best fruit and nuts with noble bitter chocolate is a taste-felicity of the special kind.

viennese imperial chocolate

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