Rosenauer Wiener Schokolade Apple Strudel Chocolate

austriaWiener Schokolade Apple Strudel Chocolate is a wonderful composition made by the Viennese chocolate manufacturer Rosenauer by hand.

According to the manufacturer, only the best ingredients are used for this kind of fancy chocolate candy.

The chocolate bar is an appreciation of one of Austrias most important and famous sweet dishes: the “Apple Strudel”.

rosenauer wiener schokolade apple strudel chocolate

If you take the first bite, you can taste the fresh apple pieces inside the chocolate. Walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins and cinnamons are the further important ingredients of an apple strudel, which are included in the chocolate.

rosenauer wiener schokolade apple strudel chocolate

The coating is a delicious experience of light milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 34 percent. The bar is made by hand.

rosenauer wiener schokolade apple studel chocolate

The little chocolate factory of Rosenauer is located directly in the centre of Vienna (Fleischmarkt). The chocolate bars are only available in chosen shops and markets.

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