Rübezahl Spongebob Chocolate Lentils Chocolate

austriaThe Spongebob Chocolate Lentils Chocolate is a very creative idea from a chocolate manufacturer from Germany. “Rübezahl Schokoladen” is the name of the German company which can be found in the South Western part of the country, close to the city of Stuttgart.

Rübezahl produces chocolates since more than 50 years. The chocolate factory is specialized on season chocolate like Santa Claus chocolates or Easter Bunny chocolates. In this case we have something completely different from all christmas and easter chocolates. This is a chocolate dedicated to the famous cartoon character “Spongebob”.

The special delicacy consists of milk chocolate with a cocoa content of 30 percent, and little chocolate pieces with a sugar icing and tasteful chocolate inside. Similar to the famous m&m’s. Those chocolate pieces are called “Chocolate Lentils”.

Those colourful “chocolate lentils” shine through the chocolate bar. Very impressive for little children. I suppose.

But the best of all is the taste. It is a tasteful chocolate product indeed. Very creamy milk chocolate, and a strong flavour of sweet cocoa. The little chocolate lentils inside the bar are an additional attraction, and increase the enjoyment by a crispy character.

Rübezahl Spongebob Chocolate Lentils Chocolate is a very good product with a great taste.

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