Sarotti Chocolate (Bittersweet 70% cocoa)

sarotti chocolateSarotti is a chocolate from Germany.

The story started in Berlin in 1852, when a guy called Heinrich Ludwig Neumann opened a chocolate shop in the Friedrichstrasse. He sold imported chocolate from France. In 1881 Hugo Hoffmann bought the shop and stopped importing chocolates from France. He started to produce the chocolate himself. This was the birth of “Sarotti”. His chocolates were sold under this name.

After the first world war, a negro character became the symbol of Sarotti Chocolate. You can find this kind of symbol on all chocolate bars of Sarotti. The so called “Sarotti Moor” became very famous in Germany during the 60′s when he appeared in many TV spots of Sarotti.

sarotti chocolate bittersweet zartbitter

I tried the Sarotti bar “Bittersweet 70% cocoa”. The chocolate tastes, as you can expect by a 70% cocoa content, quite bitter. The sweet taste stays in the background. I would say the bar is also a bit dry. The bitter flavour is quite on the border. Of course you can eat it, but for me the enjoyment was not that big. It’s just a tad too bitter.

sarotti chocolate bittersweet zartbitter schokolade

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