Schogetten Trumpf Chocolate

schogetten chocolate trumpfSchogetten is a chocolate brand, manufactured by the chocolate manufacturer Trumpf, which is located in the Western German city of Bergisch-Gladbach.

Trumpf Chocolate was founded in 1857 in Aachen. The chocolate factory is connected with following chocolate manufacturer: Lindt & Sprüngli, Mauxion, and Krüger chocolate group.

trumpf chocolate

The company started to place its advertise on arrowplanes in 1924.

schogetten trump chocolate

Trumpf employs 1.000 workers and is one of Germans biggest manufactuters for “cheap chocolate”.

schogetten chocolate trumpf

Schogetten Chocolate is the most famous brand of Trumpf. The special thing about Schogetten is that the chocolate is already cutted into pieces.

schogetten chocolate

I have tried the “Schogetten Halbbitter”. This chocolate consists of 50% cocoa and tastes bitter and sweet. Maybe a bit too sweet for a bitter chocolate. Schogetten has also a tight and crunchy bite. The taste is not too bad. For a self-proclaimed “cheap chocolate” even very good. I won’t buy Schogetten chocolate in the future, but I am also not disappointed or upset about my experience in that chocolate brand.

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