Schwedenbomben Chocolate

austriaSchwedenbomben are creations from Austria, and consist of glair foam and a filmy covering of bitter chocolate with and without coco crumbles. A legend tells that this kind of candy speciality was invented 90 years ago. Schwedenbomen means “Swedish bombs” in English language. It’s told that the inventors best friend was from Sweden.

Today the Schwedenbomben factory is located in Linz and known as Niemetz. Their shop can be seen on the following link: Niemetz Linz. Schwedenbomben are a top seller in Austria, and available in almost every supermarket.


This Niemetz Schwedenbomben box is protected by law. It’s not allowed to use it for other candy products.

schwedenbomben chocolate

Inside the holy candy box: a mix of Schwedenbomben with coco crumbles and without.


A “Swedish bomb” in full pomp and splendour. Now it’s time to take a bite …

schwedenbomben chocolate

… so that’s the inside. A very sweet glair foam. The thin chocolate covering breaks easily, and unconveres the massiv amount of the soft filling. The bottom of every Schwedenbombe is a waffle.

Schwedenbomben are a divine treat, but eating the whole box at once alone makes me sick for sure.

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