Sea Salt Chocolate

sea salt chocolateHeilemann Confiserie Chocolate “Sea Salt” was one more unique chocolate experience in my life. Chocolate with salt. Is that acceptable? Well, at first it’s something new. I have never seen or tasted salted chocolate before. Many people are bored about usual chocolate creations, and they are searching for something new. Sea Salt Chocolate could be something interesting for those kind of people.

The chocolate itself is very fine and tender. It goes smoothly down the throat. The content of cocoa amounts 32 percent. So this is quite a good quality. There is not doubt about that.

sea salt chocolate

The first impression is the fine chocolate flavour from Heilemann confiserie. Heilemann chocolate factory is famous for its good chocolate productions. Some seconds later the first taste of salt is noticable. After more and more melted chocolate, the salty taste becomes stronger and stronger. Sometimes it’s possible to taste a real big grain of salt. Then the salt taste is really extremely strong.

sea salt chocolate

Well, I think that kind of salted chocolate is quite funny to taste for the first time. But for a second or third time? I don’t think I am going to buy another bar. Salt and chocolate does not really fit together. It’s a funny experience to taste it one time, but that was it.

But deep respect to the Heilemann company. They made out of such a weird combination, salt and chocolate, a truely acceptable candy.  I mean, the final result does not taste horrible … just “funny”. 🙂

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