Sirius Chocolate

icelandAnother exotic chocolate from Iceland: Sirius Rjomasukkuladi med hnetum.

The chocolate is manufactured in Icelandics capital Reykjavik (Hesthalsi 2-4). The name of the chocolate factory is “NOI SIRIUS”.

sirius chocolate iceland

The first impression of Sirius is an experience of light chocolate with a lot of big hazelnuts.

sirius chocolate iceland

I think this is one of my lightest chocolate in life, althought the content of cocoa amounts 33 percent. I have never experienced such a light taste of chocolate before.

sirius chocolate iceland

There is also a slight taste of milk and vanilla. Sirius Chocolate is an exotic chocolate from the Norhern Atlantic.

sirius chocolate iceland

I would say Sirius has a very unique taste. The strong and full taste is missing. Maybe I am not used to such a flavour, but I would not rate it as a bad chocolate. Let’s put it in those words: Sirius was a very interesting chocolate experience from Iceland.

sirius chocolate

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