Stainer Chocolate

M&M's chocolateStainer chocolate is manufactured in the American village of Littleton (6.000 inhabitants), which can be found in the state of New Hampshire.

The privately owned chocolate producer is well known for its creative and exceptional chocolate delicacies. I was able to get the dark chocolate bar with aloe and blackcurrant.

At first the chocolate is slighty bitter. Later the fruity flavour of blackcurrant is recognizable. But everything not too strong and intrusive. The taste stays polite hushed in the background.

Stainer Chocolate has a very hard character. The wallower of this chocolate needs strong teeth.

One bar has only 50g, but a cocoa content of 70 percent. For such a high content of cocoa Stainer chocolate has a brillant taste. The blackcurrent harmonises fabulous and imparts the chocolate an unique enjoyment. Well done you chocolate makers from the USA!

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