Swedy Chocolate

austriaSwedy is a traditional chocolate candy bar from Austria.

The Upper Austrian confectioner Niemetz from Linz is the manufacturer of Swedy.

Swedy is filled of the finest peanuts cream and covered with savoury milk chocolate.

swedy chocolate

The result of this creamy combination is an experience with a strong character of peanuts. Swedy is very soft, which is always a problem during hot days in summer. The candy bar melts away very easily. That’s why many supermarkets does not sell Swedy during summer.

swedy chocolate

At the end the chocolate peanuts cream bar feels a bit sticky in mouth and stomach. This is the only real negative point of Swedy. Some other people may think it tastes a bit too cheap and fat.

– link: Niemetz Linz (picture of the Niemetz candy factory in Linz)

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