The Best Chocolate Gifts for Everyone Who Loves a Sweet Treat

It’s hard to know what treats will satisfy someone’s palate, but for anyone with a sweet tooth, chocolate is a sure-fire win.

We researched the best chocolate gifts available, considering the packaging, cocoa content, and production date of each. Our list of favorites include Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness Box from Mouth, exotic bites from Vosges Chocolate, and decadent, dipped strawberries from household name, Godiva.

Here are the best chocolate gifts.

Mouth Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness Box
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If the name of this gift box is any indication, it’s quite tasty. The box includes foods like animal crackers, caramels, Cheerios, and quinoa, all covered in chocolate. The small batch products vary from box to box, which adds to the thrill of opening the gift and discovering the surprise items.

Your recipient will love receiving a sampling of delicious treats to taste, try, and share, before picking their favorite. The various options ensures at least one will be a hit and have your recipient wishing for more.

Happy reviewers loved how unique this gift option is rather than a traditional chocolate box or chocolate-covered strawberries. They also noted that these treats had the perfect amount of chocolate per bite. Also, if this present is a birthday gift, there’s the option to add glitter candles for a few extra bucks.

Vosges Mini Exotic Chocolate Library

Courtesy of Vosges

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Looking for a chocolate treat that’s more unusual than the traditional blend of nut or nougat? This “library” of extravagant snack-size chocolate bars won’t disappoint. The beautifully packaged, keepsake box includes seven of Vosges’ best-selling varieties. What’s inside the box? Pretty much everything, like a bar that’s Sri Lankan coconut and banana smothered in 72 percent cacao dark chocolate and one bar that’s a mix of raw wildflower honey and 100 percent cacao.

Godiva chocolate dipped strawberries
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A dozen roses or a floral arrangement is a nice gift, but an even tastier gift is a dozen chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva. The strawberries arrive fresh and ripe (next day shipping is required) and covered in milk and dark chocolate. It’s such a decadent treat wrapped in the brand’s signature gold box.

B'Day Cake Truffle

Courtesy of Milk Bar

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You don’t need to wait until someone’s birthday to order a two dozen box of these chocolate confections. New York City’s cult favorite, Milk Bar, makes these bite-sized, fudgy cake balls that are studded with rich chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, and coated in chocolate with a dusting of birthday cake crumbs. If you order before noon, your delivery will arrive anywhere in the United States the next day.

Food52 Small-Batch Organic Chocolate Subscription

Courtesy of Food52

One-time gifts will surely be appreciated, but a true chocoholic will swoon over this chocolate subscription from Food52. Choose between a three-month, six-month, or year-long subscription with each monthly delivery featuring three organic dark chocolate bars from Raaka Chocolate. Two of the three selections are exclusive, small batch bars and everything comes from ethically sourced beans and quality ingredients.

See's Create Your Custom Mix Chocolates


For a fun gift for your favorite chocolate lover, See’s offers a custom mix set with a choice of two boxes. Just select a regular, classic box or go for a red heart shape. Then the good part comes in and you can choose a range of chocolates from milk peanut crunch to white chocolate cashew brittle to deep dark chocolate truffle.

PG Fondues Belgian Chocolate Fondue Pots

Fondue or even a fondue party can be tasty but a bit messy and even a pain to set up. However, this option from Uncommon Goods is pretty simple. The stoneware pot has four different varieties of dark chocolate (espresso, raspberry, peanut butter, and fleur de sel) that can be heated up in the microwave and within a minute, the melted chocolate is perfect for dipping.

Williams Sonoma Manhattan Fruitier Chocolate Confections Gift Tower

Williams Sonoma

Presentation is always great when offering up a gift and Williams Sonoma’s Manhattan Fruitier chocolate tower is cute and delicious. The three tiers of boxes are full of chocolate covered goods, including almonds, graham crackers, pecans, pretzels, and more. Weighing in at 1.5 pounds, this is a great gift for a family or even an office.

1-800 Flowers Breakable Chocolate Heart

1-800 Flowers

Here’s one occasion when it’s absolutely appropriate to play with your food. This chocolate heart measures seven inches and when cracked open (using the included wooden mallet), it reveals a bunch of sweet treats and more chocolate. This is great for Valentine’s or Galentine’s day or an anniversary.

David's Tea Chocolate Chili Chai

David’s Tea

Chocolate and tea? How about a chocolate chili chai? Those who appreciate a cup of tea will enjoy this blend from David’s Tea that’s a mix of black tea with a dash of ancho chilis and chocolate. The combo is great when sipped hot or even enjoyed as an iced latte.

Levain Bakery Signature Cookie Assortment Gift Box

Courtesy of Levain Bakery

Even those not fortunate enough to live near a Levain bakery can experience their massive cookies. The assortment box comes in a four, eight, or 12 pack. Each cookie weights about six ounces and the flavors include chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin. Each box is made to order and comes packaged with a pretty hand-tied bow.

Hu Dark Chocolate Gems


Hu’s Gems include just three organic ingredients: cacao, unrefined coconut sugar, and fair-trade cocoa butter. The package comes in a few sizes, ranging from 3.5 to nine ounces, and the dark chocolate is perfect for baking. But they can also be consumed as is, like a bite-sized snack.

Deluxe Signature Chocolate Truffles

Courtesy of Harry & David

Chocolate lovers will melt for these truffles from Harry & David. The set, which consists of two boxes of 24 truffles, offers up six decadent flavors (eight of each) including dark chocolate, dark chocolate cherry, dark chocolate raspberry, milk chocolate, milk chocolate almond, and white chocolate coffee. They’re packaged in a chocolate brown cardboard box that’s tied with a cream satin bow for an elegant presentation.

Knack Never Enough Chocolate Gift Set


A chocolate gift like this is perfect for the person with a sweet tooth and who appreciates a bit of variety. Knack’s Never Enough set includes six different products. There’s a truffle bar, variety of caramels, and dark chocolate mini bars. The set is pretty perfect as is, but you also have the option to add or subtract a few items.

Uncommon Goods Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Bombs Kit

Uncommon Goods

Hot chocolate bombs are a fun treat for the winter and beyond. Of course you can buy them, but they’re also a pretty easy and fun kids activity. Uncommon Goods’ kit provides all the necessary items to make six of them. Simply add the melted milk or vanilla chocolate to the reusable molds and then the creativity can really start. The kit comes with vegan marshmallows, but you can also add your own additional fillings to the center.

Mango Plantain milk chocolate bars

Jcoco Chocolate

Milk chocolate and dark chocolate are pretty common, but have you ever had mango plantain chocolate? These Jcoco bars have such a unique tropical flavor with pieces of diced mango, plantain, and a bit of sea salt. Each envelope of chocolate has three one ounce bars.

Traditional Mexican Hot Chocolate Set Uncommon Goods

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

While most chocolate gifts simply require the recipient to open a box and enjoy, this Mexican hot chocolate set actually requires a bit of prep. But it’s super easy, and a true hot chocolate lover will enjoy it. The basic kit includes five chocolate tablets (cacao with ground almonds, pecans, walnuts, and cinnamon) and a handcarved whisk. All that’s required is a cup of milk. For an additional price, you can purchase the clay jug to truly give your recipient an authentic experience.

Williams Sonoma Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

Williams Sonoma

Chocolate and pretzels pair well together for the perfect sweet, salty treat. This set of 12 chocolate covered pretzels from Williams Sonoma includes four different flavors: caramel and toffee, caramel and dark chocolate, caramel and milk chocolate with white drizzle, and caramel and chocolate gems. This would be a nice gift for someone who enjoys all types of chocolate or as a thoughtful gift for people in an office.

Chocolate Covered Everything!

Courtesy of Jacques Torres

Since you can’t ship a working chocolate fountain without making a giant mess, this basket of chocolate-covered everything is the next best thing to gift the chocoholic in your life. As the name suggests, it includes a wide selection of individually packaged chocolate-covered crave-worthy nibbles, including milk chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, pretzels, and marshmallows along with dark chocolate-covered graham crackers, almonds, and Corn Flakes, Cheerios covered in milk and dark chocolate plus malt balls.

And it’s not just any ordinary chocolate drizzled on the munchies, but Jacques Torres’ rich variety. For those not in the know, Jacques Torres, aka Mr. Chocolate, was the one-time Ritz Carlton hotels corporate pastry chef and former pastry chef at the famed Le Cirque restaurant in New York City before he branched off on his own to open his namesake artisan chocolate shops.

Guinness Chocolate Mini Pints

Yummy Bazaar

This set is the awesome combo of two great brands: Guinness and Lir chocolates. Each mini “pint” is milk and white chocolate with a Guinness flavored center. Fans of chocolate or the classic dark stout will love this gift and the packaging is pretty great as well.

Godiva Chocolate Delights Breakfast Gift Set


Chocolate can be thought of as a yummy snack or dessert, but this Godiva set makes it a-okay to indulge for breakfast. The kit includes a 10-ounce pack of chocolate truffle coffee and Belgian chocolate topped biscuits. The buttery treat goes so well with the coffee, or you can just snack on them anytime.

What to Look for When Buying Chocolate Gifts

Cocoa Content

To ensure you’re buying high-quality chocolate, look for cocoa (or cocoa butter) to be listed as the first ingredient. If cocoa is further down the ingredients list, the chocolate is likely loaded with sugar. Don’t recognize many of the ingredients? Skip it.

Dark, Sealed Packaging

Packaging shouldn’t just be pretty; it must also be functional. Any chocolate you buy should be well packaged, as both light and moisture affect the freshness of chocolate. It should be sealed properly, ideally in both foil and beautiful paper wrapping.

Production Date

As chocolate ages, it loses its quality. Look for a recent production date, as the more recently it was made, the fresher the chocolate will be. Dark chocolate can be kept up to a year after purchasing, while milk and white chocolate should be eaten within six months.

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