The Grenada Chocolate Company Chocolate

italyThe Grenada Chocolate Company Chocolate is an organic dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 71 percent. The chocolate delights with a colourful wrapping and an origin from a small country in the Caribbean.

The chocolate factory is located in Hermitage St. Patrick’s and claims to be a cocoa growing and chocolate making cooperative, producing chocolate from the tree to the bar. Those organic cocoa farms are nestled in the lush Caribbean rainforest. They produce cocoa beans which are world famous for their rich and complex flavour.

The small batch process preserves the true taste of Grenada’s cocoa. The chocolate factory cares about the enviroment and uses solar energy to power the factory.

Because of the high percentage of cocoa, Grenada Chocolate Company Chocolate tastes very meager and not very creamy. The character is very strict and conservative. A dark chocolate must taste exactly like a dark chocolate, right? But there is also a little bit of smoke flavour inside the precious bar.

I am very happy that I was able to taste a chocolate from such a little country which is so far away. It was an interesting experience, but I do prefer more creamy chocolate flavours. That’s why I was not so excited about that product, but for a dark chocolate manufacturer it was quite alright I would say.

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